That’s awesome! Go Rafael!

Thank you so much Desiree!

I might have found someone who is going to be in kaiserslautern sunday willing to purchase my smeevil for 345 euro! :DDDD

Sky Ferreira - Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)
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Found a few people willing to pay 450 dollars for the smeevil. wished I could have squeezed 500 but I am not complaining haha if this works out tomorrow then I will have a Wii U within a week!



friend ?????!?


fr iend!! !!!


im coming friend


im here i love u

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hmmmmm might sell my smeevil for around 400 bucks to buy my own birthday present myself.

Almost lost already 5lbs! :DDD Great progress! Still need more pump music to listen too though @-@ But other than that I am less than 15 pounds away from the magic 200 pounds i need to reach!